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AlQamar Property Portfolio 

AlQamar Investment prides itself on a diverse portfolio of asset investments that includes a wide variety of properties including 28 warehouses, AlQamar hotel, two apartment buildings Tayseer & Mahatta, including our new head office, 60 Plaza, and SASCO Petrol station.

The diverse range of properties within AlQamar Investment’s portfolio underscores the company’s strategic foresight and commitment to building a solid foundation for success. By investing in various asset classes, AlQamar Investment has not only created valuable opportunities for growth but has also contributed to the development and prosperity of the communities it serves. With each property playing a unique role in its success story, AlQamar Investment continues to demonstrate its prowess as a leader in the investment and real estate sectors.

201-207 west


AlQamar Investment boasts a network of 28 warehouses strategically located across key regions. These state-of-the-art facilities serve as hubs for storage, distribution, and logistical operations.

With their modern infrastructure and efficient design, our warehouses are essential in meeting the evolving needs of our clients and ensuring smooth supply chains and asset management.

AlQamar Hotel

Our prestigious boutique hotel is a testament to AlQamar Investment’s commitment to the hospitality sector. It offers luxurious accommodations, impeccable service, and a range of amenities to cater to discerning guests. By maintaining exceptional standards, we have created a reputation for providing a memorable and enjoyable experience for our guests.

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Hotel Portfolio

Apartment Buildings

With two apartment buildings Tayseer & Mahatta under our ownership, AlQamar Investment addresses the ever-growing demand for quality residential spaces. These modern complexes provide comfortable living environments, incorporating contemporary designs, advanced security features, and convenient amenities.

60 Plaza

AlQamar Investment proudly owns the prime 60 Plaza development. This property is strategically positioned to attract a diverse range of businesses and customers. This commercial hub offers a variety of options such as shops & offices. By curating a vibrant mix of tenants and ensuring a welcoming ambiance, we created a thriving destination for both residents and visitors.

HQ1 Portfolio

SASCO Gas Station

Our gas station is a vital component of AlQamar Investment’s portfolio, serving as a convenient refuel point for motorists. Located in a high-traffic area, it offers top-quality fuel, a well-maintained convenience store, and exceptional customer service. We prioritize safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, making our gas station a preferred choice for drivers.